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National Karate Champion          Sensei John Bryan 

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Here at online we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from practicing the art of karate, we have 100's of members from all across the world training online with us everyday. 

Sensei John Bryan 4th Dagree Black Belt and National Karate Champion put his online training system together for his public students so they could train online at home when they could not make it to a live class.

He has seen such a vast improvement in those students that practice online that he has now made this online system available to everyone who would like to learn karate from home, as he believes everyone should be able to defend themselfs if they need to.

So would you like to be taught how to do karate online by a national champion coach ?


If you just answered yes then its time to sign up for Master Bryan's totally FREE online white belt training program today.

This program is the perfect way to take your first steps in learning karate from home, let sensei John  take you step by step through 16 different techniques covering striking, blocking, stances, kicks, foot work and kata plus a lot more.

Just create a totally FREE account with the box to the right and you will have access to our online members only training area, you will have full access to master Bryan's in-depth white belt training program for life, this white belt program is totally FREE and you will NOT need a credit card to set up your account

So stet up your white belt membership now and lets start training:)

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