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Learn Karate Online With National Champion 

Master John Bryan

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"Let me take you from  beginner

to Black Belt and beyond online" Master Bryan 






Dear Friend

My name is John Bryan, Chief Instructor of Kanzen Karate Academy... And for the last 35 years Martial Arts has been my life.

I believe that the benefits of the martial arts are too important to be set aside because our everyday schedules are so busy. I realize how difficult it is to find the time to commit to a rigid schedule that forces you to come to a physical location three times a week.

I am always telling my students that they must practice more at home, so with these things in mind, in 2010 I created a fully competitive video curriculum that they could use anytime or place with an internet connection and let me tell you the results I have seen from my online students have blown me away...And now you to can gain all the benefits my online system brings for yourself, read on to learn more!

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You see every membership to K.K.A gives you instant lifetime access to a innovative e-learning centre, with an extensive library of curriculum filled with detailed tutorials, covering warm ups, all Kihon basic fundamental karate striking, blocking, and kicking techniques, all advanced karate striking, blocking and kicking techniques, stance development, combinations, sparing drills, foot work, Kata, sweeps,take downs, fitness training, body conditioning, pressure points training, ground work defense techniques and our flexibility program.

Plus you will have access to new lessons that are updated weekly, so you will always have something new to learn and challenge yourself, you will also have access to our street self defense programs, plus work your way through our fully comprehensive grading program taking you to black belt and beyond, all from the comfort of your own home.

All of this will insure you are leaning in the correct way and with unlimited access to advice and feed back from myself and my team of Black Belt instructors you will never be alone.




Hear what some of our members have to say, these are REAL members 

of the Online Academy, check out our testimonies page for full details...

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"As someone who has trained in traditional Japanese karate for a number of years, and was a national champion in kumite myself, let me assure you that this system IS real karate, if it were not I would know.." Richard Allen
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“Very comprehensive breakdown of all karate techniques, physiology, & kinesiology of the combinations.” Dan Edwards

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I have found this site to be the perfect tool for unlocking and practicing karate techniques online.” Vince Sharp

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"This is no "McDojo", by any stretch of the imagination. This is a REAL, LEGITIMATE online Karate academy that I'm proud to be a member of." Jonny Martin 

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“The techniques shown here at Kanzen Karate Academy helped my sparing so much. The videos are packed with details and extremely effective in helping me learn.” Katie Lee

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"Thank you very much for the beautiful and clear instructions." Kambiz Sakhai

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"The classes really do push you, I have nothing but praise for the course, so I would jump right in." Tyrone Relph

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"The feedback I get on my training is highly professional and develops my ambition towards perfection." Magnus Gustafsson