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From Beginner To Black Belt And Beyond

Online Karate Training & Gradings 

With Kanzen karate Academy
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From Head Coach Master John Bryan (7th Dan)


Dear Friend,

Kanzen Karate Academy is a unique opportunity for any individual who is looking not just to take a online training course in karate, but is looking to work their way step-by-step through a structured online system to black belt and beyond, with tutoring to the highest level from a world class national karate champion!

My online Academy will give you 24/7 access to the largest online library of comprehensive Karate tutorial videos and classes covering all aspects of karate training in great detail. You will get a mapped out, step-by-step structured online system to follow from home at you own pace...And with direct access to myself plus regular feed back on all aspects of your training you will never be alone.

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Learn Faster. Develop Better.

Developing proficiency in all aspects of karate online is probably easier than you think, but it does require instruction, practice, repetition, and regular feed back to ensure you are practing correctly and do not devole bad techuqnece. 


Online tutorials showing you karate techniques are not enough on there own, you must also be practicing in the correct way, or you will develop bad habits and they can take years to correct.

So how can you overcome this?

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  • Firstly with my unique check point system, this check point system can not be found anywhere else and is unique to KKA. It will ensure you are learning every technique correctly online as it has been developed over the last five years purposely for online learning. This makes it possible for you to learn from home as well as you could in a conventional live class with an instructor, because I will be giving you constant reminders of these check points in every tutorial and lesson that you take.
  • Secondly you will also have the option to upload training videos to myself, or my team of instructors at any time for training feed back and we encourage you to do this on a regular basis.
  • Finally I personally will be assessing all of your grading testing videos as you work your way through the KKA online grading program to black belt and beyond. This means I will be giving you my undivided personal one on one attestation every time you submit a test, not even my live students get that kind of attention on there training, unless they book a private one on one lesson that is. I will even be sending you personal feed back videos showing you exactly what I what you to work on, if needed.

So as you can see becoming one of my private online students has massive advantages and will ensure you are learning correctly every step of the way on your journey to black belt, but don't take my work for it read below to hear what some of my private online students have to say about the Academy!

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Save Time & Money. Train Effectively

I have Members from all over the world in my private training program and they rave about how effective our online training is, as you have seen above, But here are some more reasons why they love being a Kanzen Karate Academy member, and why you will too:

Understand Karate training theory and principals, not just techniques. I don't just teach moves but explain the theory behind them plus what makes them so effective. Our massive technique and lessons library will give you everything you will need in one convenient place, plus new lessons are added every week. Browse by category, search by keyword, or follow along with structured lesson plans, the choice is yours.

Train and grade on your own schedule with 24/7 access. Watch videos anywhere on your Smart Phone or Tablet. Train from the comfort of your home, review techniques while commuting, or waiting in line. The best part of training online is the flexibility it gives you to train when ever you want, with the KKA online system you can progress very fast through the belts if you put the work in, as there are no set time limits between testing. You are graded on your skill level, not on how long you have been a member, as most other online programs will have you wait months before you can move forward with set ridged schedules, with KKA we know everyone progresses at their own rate, so you can submit your tests when you feel ready... and the best part is there is no charge to re-test if your not quite there yet.

Save Thousands of dollars in training  fees and grading fees.  on average it would cost you around $3000 to gain a black belt with a conventional school, but with KKA it will be a faction of what you would pay. I have spent a lot of time and money traveling and training with the top coaches in the world. I created this academy in 2010 for my students so they could train more at home and for those who don't have the same opportunity to travel and train like I do, but are just as passionate about developing their Martial Arts knowledge and skills or learning how to defend yourself, now you can take advantage of this too.

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So Are Your Ready To Start Your Journey To Black belt

And Beyond, As One Of My Private Online Academy Students? 

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