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Welcome To Kanzen Karate Academy

Would you like to learn karate from a world class certified instructor and gain National and International certification, but just don't have the time to get to a regular class, or maybe there are no classes that run in your local area? If so the answer to your problem could be just a few minutes away...

Let us teach you every karate technique you could ever want to learn, have a mapped out step-by-step, belt-by-belt system to follow 24/7, and with unlimited access and feed back from national karate Champion 7th Dan Master John Bryan you will never be alone, watch the video to right to learn more about Master Bryan and the Academy.

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Why Choose Us

With membership to Kanzen Karate Academy you will be able to learn karate on your own schedule, at your own pace anywhere with an internet connection, by following our proven online curriculum you will gain all the benefits that martial arts training brings, such as improving your physical fitness, while developing confidence and discipline...

Also every membership to KKA gives you instant access to a innovative e-learning centre, with an extensive library of curriculum filled with hours of detailed HD tutorials, this curriculum has produced national and world champions and covers all aspects of traditional karate training in great detail, ranging from warm ups and the basics, to the most advanced combinations, kata, sweeps and take downs, so no matter what your skill level is right now we have you covered.

Plus you will have access to new lessons that are updated weekly, so you will always have something new to learn and challenge yourself for years to come, you will also have access to our street self defense and flexibility programs. You can work your way step-by-step through the Kanzen Karate Academy online grading system to black belt and beyond, while gaining International certification through the BMABA the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association, online.

All of this will insure you are leaning in the correct way and do not developed bad technique, as so many people do through using unstructured incorrect YouTube tutorials, so join KKA today to start your journey to black belt and beyond!


About Kanzen Karate Founder John Bryan

Kanzen karate Academy was founded In 2010 by National Karate Champion (7th Dan) John Bryan, since then we have accredited over 400 online students, world wide, with International certification.


With over 36 years of training in karate and after 18 years of teaching students from the age of 5 to adults in their 60's, Sensei John Bryan has made a difference in 1000's of students lives across the globe, by teaching them discipline, focus, self defense, self confidence and much more.


46 years old Master Bryan, has been practicing the art of karate since the age of 11, he has trained under... And with some of the highest ranked Japanese Masters in the world, 7th Dan Wado Ryu Master Sakagami kuniaki, 8th Dan Master Tatsuo Suzuk and also JKA 8th Dan Chief Instrutor Ueki Masaaki and Goju Ryu Master Tetsuji Nakamura to name just a few. 

Sensei Bryan is also a National Kata & Kumite Champion and has produced numerous National and World Champions.

He is also a fully certified examiner within BMABA and a tournament referee at both WKF and JKF levels, so be assured you will be learning from a well accomplished and well respected Sensei.