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Founder John Bryan

About WWKA Founder & Chief Instructor John Bryan                                 
With over 38 years of training in Karate-Do, and teaching students from the age of 5 to adults in their 60's, Master Bryan aged 51 has trained and graded 1000's of students across the globe for the last 20 years and still does to this present day.

Master Bryan, 7th Dan began his training in the art of Karate in 1984 under Kuniaki Sakagami Sensei and over the last 38 years has been privileged enough to have trained under and with some of the highest-ranked masters in the world in Shotokan, Wado Ryu, and Goju Ryu karate, plus many other martial arts.

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John is a multiple National Kata & Kumite Champion and was the undefeated Kumite champion for over four years, he has also produced numerous National and World Champions over his 20 years of teaching, he also holds the highest tournament referee diploma and is a fully accredited full-time professional karate instructor. 


John takes great pride in his teachings, he has his own unique style of training that is innovative, simplistic, and most of all, effective. The key to his teaching lies within the details of each drill and technique that can only be taught through many years of experience, he has trained both security and military personnel in the art of self-defense and is a well-respected Instructor within the worldwide martial arts communities.


John currently teaches at his full-time Dojo and devotes his life to teaching his students, on and offline, conducting seminars around the world and growing his school as a professional karate instructor.



The style of karate you will be learning through the WWKA is Kanzen Ryu which means complete school. there are many karate schools that train under Kanzen Ryu as it allows that school to teach a mixture of traditional karate styles.


There are well over 40,000 kanzen karate practitioners worldwide learning the universally accepted principles and philosophy of Karate-do that have been practised for 1000's of years in Okinawa Japan.


The styles taught through the WWKA are a mix of Shotokan, Wado Ryu, and Goju Ryu Karate, you will learn a selection of kata from each of these styles plus strikes, blocks, and kicks that are also used by all three styles, hence the name complete school (Kanzen Ryu)..

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when I was a child I started to do practice in Kenpo karate but I stopped it because I had not enough time to make progress on it. WWKA has an Excellent karate program system that let me learn and practice in Karate. Nowadays when your life is busy I think that this program lets you make our dream real and practice karate. A great Sensei leading this program who teaching you each technique by belts. Congratulations! All the best

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After researching several online training options I decided to sign up with WWKA. Right from the beginning, I knew I had made the right choice. Sensei Bryan is an excellent instructor and the WWKA training platform is second to none. The classes are well presented and detail-oriented. The ability to train any place, any time is an added benefit that allows people whose schedule will not allow them time to train in a traditional dojo full access to great martial arts training. I highly recommend Sensei Bryan and WWKA and encourage anyone to give it a try. The road to Blackbelt begins here! KI-YAH! MT

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The program is very user-friendly and very well organized. For every technique, there is a detailed video making it easy to independently focus on techniques you need more practice in then others. All techniques are very well explained and demonstrated. Besides the grading lessons you have access to complimentary tools like warm-up and stretching videos and for more advanced levels frequently updated karate classes. Furthermore, Sensei John was very quick in processing my grading assessment. If you are somebody who needs flexibility and is able to push and motivate themselves to train I definitely recommend WWKA for your online karate course!

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