Train around your schedule 24/7 Day or Night 

W.W.K.A. On-Demand portal is very easy to use, it allows students to tailor-make each training session to the time they have available. 


You can focus on one specific technique at a time if you wish or follow along at your own pace with fully structured lessons, all available when you are, 24/7, from any PC, LapTop, or Smart Device.

Plus Join your expert instructor as they share their best and most advanced tips of every technique with weekly live steamed lessons 

all you need is an internet connection and WWKA membership.


We are here to help you every step of the way, use the coach's corner to laser-target each technique to the very smallest detail.


Join your expert instructor as they share their best and most advanced tips of every technique using our easy to learn checkpoint system this will allow you to learn every technique in stages so getting you closers to your goal with every lesson you take.



You will have a selection of warm-ups to choose, from low impact to challenging, so always giving you the option to train at the level that is right for you.

We know not everyone will start fully fit, you may have not trained in martial arts before or may have not exercised for a while, but no need to worry, the W.W.K.A. online system will allow you to build your fitness levels with every training session you take, all without the pressure of others watching you, so you can go at the pace that is right for you.


Not only are we going to give you everything you will need to become a black belt from home, but we also include new classes and content for the life of your membership, so you will never lose focus and be able to challenge yourself for years to come. 


Join in with live-streamed classes every week feel like part of the community in the Dojo alongside others all you need is an internet connection and a WWKA membership.


Over the last ten year's we have accredited hundreds of students from around the globe, through the W.W.K.A. online training portal. 


As a WWKA  student, you will have 24/7 access to your belt level training, which houses everything you will need to become successful in passing that grade level. 


Your fully accredited sensei is no more than a click of a button away to give you help and feedback on your training.

Students are required to submit a testing video of all required curriculum for each belt level. 

Once ready you will record yourself with a video camera or mobile device performing the set testing format for the belt level you are attempting.


You will then upload that recording to the WWKA HQ for review, here we will give you feedback, or if everything is looking ok your test will then be passed over to the WWKA official grading panel for final testing.

Upon successfully passing the test you will receive an official W.W.K.A. internationally accredited and recognised certificate of rank.  This will be recognised world wide for all open tournament purposes. You will then move to the next level within the grading program. 

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"WWKA is a good option for learning martial arts, particularly if you have done previous training at a regular dojo. There is no substitute for a hands-on approach with training partners and an instructor. But not everyone can do that, so this is a good alternative to regular training."

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"Sensei John Bryan is an established professional instructor who manages to explain techniques in a clear concise manner. The checkpoint system makes for an easy understanding of each technique."

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"The belt tests are as serious as if you were passing them in the dojo. Of course it requires a lot of self-discipline and practice but it is very rewarding. Sensei John Bryan is a master of the art and an excellent teacher, he will help you to reach your goals,."


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