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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How will I be graded? 
Students are required to submit a testing video of all required curriculum for each belt level. Once ready you can record yourself with a video camera or mobile device performing the set testing format for the belt level you are attempting, you will then upload that recording to the WWKA HQ for review, if ok your test will then be passed over to the WWKA official grading panel for final testing. Upon successfully passing the test you will receive a WWKA Internationally Accredited and Recognized 
certificate of rank. 


 Q: What style of karate will I be learning? 

The WWKA teach the universally accepted principles and philosophy of Karate-do that have been practiced for 1000's of years in Okinawa Japan rather than just one specific style, there are 100's of schools across the world with 1000's of students that use and practice these principles, as it does not restrict them to the constraints of one specific style or method of teaching

Many of these schools use (Kan-Zen) as their style name as this means complete, but each one could be teaching a mixture of different Traditional karate styles.

The WWKA curriculum is predominantly Shotokan with added elements of Wado Ryu, and Goju Ryu Karate, you will learn a selection of Kihon–(basics) kata-(Forms) combinations and Sparring–(Kumite) drills that are used by all three.

 Q: Are the rank certificates/credentials different for online students? 

No. All of our students, both online and classroom, receive the same rank certificates. We strive hard to make our curriculum not only universally available leading to students receiving the same knowledge/training opportunities as classroom students. We have even had online students win in open tournaments so what you will learn through the WWKA online will be just as effective as learning in our live dojo"s.

 Q: How long will it take to get my Black Belt? 
The best part of training online with WWKA is the flexibility it gives you to train whenever you want, this means it is possible to progress very fast through the belt system, and we have seen people gain their black belt within 12 months if you put the work in, as you are able to submit tests every 4 weeks if you are ready and of the right standard. 


 Q: I have a past injury / medical condition. will I still be able to use this system? 
We have many students who have had or still have health problems and while we need you to to be of a good standard to pass the grades involved within the WWKA testing programs, we, however, do allow for the age and any restrictions that students may have, all we ask is that you tell us about the problem you have before sending in your testing videos.


 Q: Are There Any Testing Fees or Hidden Costs? 
No! We don’t charge testing fees or any other fees. Your monthly tuition covers the full cost of your training from a white belt beginner through to First Degree Black Belt.

 Q: How Many Belt Tests Until Black Belt? 
There are nine belt tests on the way to Black Belt. Most students test each month, starting with the yellow and white belt and concluding with the Black Belt.

 Q: Should I get in shape before starting Karate? 
Not at all. If you're not in shape already, our online karate classes will get you into tip-top shape in no time. Karate burns up to 700 calories an hour and the best part about training online is you can build your fitness at a pace that is right for you, as you can pause a class or lesson at any time, but the more you train the less you will need to take a break, most students report their fitness has grown by at least 100% after just a few weeks of training.

 Q: Will I need a training partner or specialised equipment? 
No there is no need for a partner or any other equipment, all you will need is an internet connection and membership to the WWKA online system. We have many ways to test your skill levels that do not require a partner or specializes equipment.

 Q: Do I need to be flexible to start this program? 
A. No, definitely not, if you are not flexible at the start of the program it is not a problem as you will be able to work at your own pace in each lesson and learn at a level that is right for you, then build your fitness and flexibility over time through following the program. Plus we also include in-depth flexibility programs for you to follow, so you can improve your flexibility over time. 

 Q: Is it hard to use the training Academy hub? 
No. The interface is similar to using other commonly used desktop and online applications. Everything is user-friendly and easy to follow and can be used on any PC, Mac or mobile device.

 Q: How do I interact with my instructor? 
Students will have the ability to internally contact your instructor through the member's area. All curriculum answers are emailed to the student directly from their instructor. You may also send them video's of your training so they can advise you, they may also send you specific feedback video's if needed. This really is as close to having an instructor in the room with you as you will ever get online.

 Q: What time are classes held? 
Our system is open 24/7, so anytime that is convenient for you is the perfect time to train. Groups have the flexibility to schedule training sessions whenever it suits their group. The only requirement is your PC and internet connection.

 Q: What will I be learning in the lessons? 
You will be learning strikes, blocks, kicks, stances, footwork, sparring drills, combinations, kata, plus you will also be learning self-defense and how you can use all that you are learning in your lessons if a real-life situation is ever to happen.

 Q:  Will I be sent a physical certificate and belt?

You will receive a high-resolution digital copy of your certification and you do not need a belt or Gi/uniform for testing if you wish to purchase belts or uniforms we recommend doing so from your own county. 

 Q:  How soon can I get started? 
You will be given instant access to your course and the WWKA training Hub on completion of checkout.

Q: Will My Grade Be Recognised By Other Dojo’s Or Organisations?

No Organisation accepts another organization, this is politics and a means of getting income from the students so they join them. No Organisation will be interested in your certificates and all major organizations Ie WKF, JKF, Shotokan, or any other major associations will not recognize online certification, they will want to see your Karate ‘live’

and the WWKA standards will always pass that test for sure, but open organizations will accept your WWKA certification for entry into open martial arts/karate tournaments. 



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