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To try our beginner's course, just sign up, and get started right away. No commitments, No credit cards needed, just an awesome FREE training to get you started on the path to Black Belt.

Make sure to check your email and spam folders after signing up as we will send you an email that will contain your login info, see you on the inside!!


In our 9th kyu taster course, you can try out a fully structured belt level. In this course, you will have access to all 'coaches corner' tutorials teaching you every aspect of each technique needed to pass the 9th kyu Yellow & White Belt level. You will also have access to a follow-along class which will allow you to practice all of your belt-level curriculum in a structured format this also includes a warm-up.

Plus, if you take advantage of our special offer today!! We will also include the WWKA Bonus Package. This will include a fully structured 10 minute a day flexibility program for the side splits, a self-defence program covering chock holds and attacks from behind, this is over 20 minutes in duration and could save your life, access to a live-streamed class recording which is one and half hours in duration, this covers all aspects of karate training from the basics (Kihon) Kata (Forms) and warm-up, case studies from WWKA members and much more.


This offer is time-sensitive and can end at any time, so start the 9th kyu taster program now and get instant access.

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