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Learning Karate From Your Own Home
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The Complete Program to Take You To Black Belt From Home (Without Stress, Mistakes, or Getting Overwhelmed) ...

Dear Friend,


If you’re struggling to figure out if it's possible to learn karate correctly  online 


If you’re tired of searching YouTube looking for a structured plan to follow

If you’re confused by the conflicting methods you hear from all the online warriors  and want a simple system that can take you from brand new beginner to a fully accredited Black Black from home


If you’re sceptical of online course-trainings because you’ve tried them before—and you got burned…


If you’re afraid because you think you should have made more progress by now and you’re ready to learn correctly and get to your goal of becoming a Black Belt protecting yourself and your family...


Then this letter will show you how...


Hi my name is Sensei John Bryan, I am the Founder and Chief instructor of the Worldwide Karate Association.


I am 53 years old and for the last 38 years, karate has been my life.

When I decided it was time to develop an online training program 12 years ago, I didn’t have much to go on.

I had read a couple of books on building e-learning courses, but I wasn’t sure how to build a system that would allow my students to still learn correctly without me being in the room with them.


I have all the knowledge anyone would need to teach students, but I had to figure out a way that I could give that to them step-by-step but I had the same problems most online course developers have.

How to build A structured system that would allow students to not just learn a few techniques from home, but also allow them to develop those techniques to a high standard so they could take a grading test and move their way through the belt levels just like physical students, all without me being present.

I will admit those first few years of developing the WWKA online system was tough!! I was learning as well as my online students, but we kept at it and now we have the most comprehensive online karate training program in the world.

YES!! I did say in the world. I can say that with so much confidence because of the quality I see coming from my online members, even so much so that I now insist on my physical students following the same program to assist them with extra practice from home.


You see once you have the correct formula of teaching online,  the student can absorb the information a lot better because they are solely focused on what the instructor is saying and showing them, plus the student is also working at a pace that is right for them and can practice around their schedule. 

The formula that I use online is simple.  Firstly, learn every detail about the technique you are developing, I do this by teaching you my easy-to-use checkpoint system. This system has been refined over the last 12 years, it will teach you how you can self-check so that you are not developing bad techniques or bad habits. This was a real problem in the early days, but now if you follow my formula you will make progress every time you practice.

The second part of learning correctly is to then build the muscle memory of the technique you have been learning with the checkpoint system. The way to build muscle memory is through repetition, each belt level has its own follow-along class, where you will practice each technique needed to pass that belt level in a structured format. The follow-along classes are high-energy workouts, they will push you physically every time you train and allow you to build muscle memory and perfect each technique, combination, and drill that I give you.

Let's be totally honest, even with the best system in the world you will still need feedback on a regular basis.

This is to guarantee you are the best standard you can possibly be.

I always expect my online students to be of the same standard if not better than my physical students.  If you follow my structured training plan and commit yourself to train hard and regularly, I  guarantee you this, you will become a TRUE BLACK BELT!  

I will help and guide you every step of the way on your journey to Black Belt and beyond, giving you detailed video feedback on every test so making it impossible for you to fail to get to your goals!! 

What Some of My Students Have To Say


I joined the WWKA in September 2020 and am very enthusiastic about it since day one. I did Wado-Ryu karate for years when I was young but stopped a few belts before reaching first dan. I have regretted that ever since so that's when I started looking for online karate dojos. One stood out and that was the WWKA, an online dojo that also has a physical dojo does live classes and offers a solid program run by experienced sensei's. I was enthusiastic when I started but after achieving my yellow belt I was hooked. I knew that with the guidance of sensei John and the team I would be able to achieve black belt level. I must say, it's not always easy and It's definitely hard work. But is very rewarding. The WWKA makes you really earn your belts and that's what you want! The learning system is great and solid I couldn't really ask for any more and continue to push to my goal of achieving Black with the WWKA


Luc Molenaar

WWKA 3rd Kyu


I’ve looked at a couple of online martial arts programs looking for the right fit.


WWKA Online Karate is by far the best. Best price. Best instruction. Live classes to take part in. Best online platform to navigate. It really feels like Sensei John wants to teach you martial arts and not just collect a monthly subscription fee. I recommend this to anyone thinking about training in online martial arts.

James Morris 

WWKA 7th Kyu


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Here's what's Included

  • Belt level Training 8th kyu to 1st Dan

  • Access to Coaches Corner

  • Fitness Training Challenges

  • Available 24/7 on multiple devices

  • New content updated weekly

  • Weekly live-streamed Lessons

  • Full Instructor support anytime

  • Video feedback on testing

  • Self-defense programs

  • Flexibility programs 

  • Official certification 8th kyu to 1st Dan

  • All grading and testing fees included

  • No hidden extras, one fee includes all!

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We want you to experience the WWKA online Program with no limits, that's why we are giving you our full system risk-free for a full 30-days. So If you do not think this is for you, you can cancel your membership with absolutely zero questions asked and we will give you the full purchase price back just for giving the program a shot. so join us now and let's train!



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Cancel at Any Time


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© 2010 The Worlwide karate Association 

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