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Train 24/7

Train around your schedule 24/7 Day or Night 

The W.W.K.A. On-Demand portal is very easy to use, it allows students to tailor-make each training session to the time they have available.

Live Streaming

Join your expert instructor as they share their best and most advanced tips of every technique with weekly live steamed lessons 

all you need is internet connection and WWKA membership.

New Content

Everything you will need to become a black belt from home 


we also include new classes and content for the life of your membership.


Upon successfully passing each belt test you will receive an internationally recognised official W.W.K.A. certificate of rank from beginner to Black Belt.

Welcome to the World Wide Karate Association W.W.K.A.
Would you like to learn karate online and achieve that lifelong dream of becoming a Black Belt!! 

But! Covid-19 or your busy lifestyle holding you back, stopping you from training in a conventional Dojo? If so the W.W.K.A.™ is the easy answer to your problem and your road to Black belt Starts here!

online karate student testimonial

"W.W.K.A instructions are very easy to understand and follow. I like the style of Kanzen Karate, and the instructors have always been quick to respond and help with any questions or issues. I'd recommend WWKA to anyone wanting to learn martial arts or just for physical fitness.."

online karate student testimonial

"As a lifelong learner of Martial Arts and a Police Defensive Tactics Instructor, I found Master Bryan to be very knowledgeable and his instruction to be clear and succinct. The perfect program for any student level!!"

online karate student testimonial

"My life is very hectic, I am a clinical technician, husband, father, and a powerlifter as well. I always wanted to do Karate but time was always against me. Luckily I found W.W.K.A online Karate, it is flexible, you can do the classes anywhere and anytime. 

Foundered in 2010, we’re politics-free, completely independent, community-led and fiercely committed to the development of our online members, leading the way for change in the modern martial arts industry.


The W.W.K.A. offers the online training solution for the busy family or individual who would like to learn Karate from home, school, work or even on vacation whilst also become a certified Black belt in karate, the W.W.K.A. has online members from all walks of life from all corners of the globe.


Many of our members have trained with the W.W.K.A. for years as we continue to proved quality training and guidance to all of our members.

With our online, video-based courses, you can learn karate directly from an expert who's available when you are, in a one-on-one environment that is more engaging and less distracting than any classroom learning. 

It means you don't have to sacrifice the quality of your training to gain convenience. The training is continually updated to meet the latest methods, so you can be confident you are getting the most accurate and effective training available, plus each lesson is specifically designed with certain goals in mind depending on the techniques you’re developing.

This attention to personal detail is not always available in conventional Dojo's, there may be dozens of different students with different needs. You won't get stuck because you can view the lessons as many times as needed until you’re confident in the skill you’re mastering.

You can contact our dedicated team of expert instructors at any time for feedback on your training. Your instructor will be focusing on you alone and will be able to give you direct feedback on what you need to improve to move forward as fast as possible.

You will work your way through a detailed structured online program taking you closer to your goal of becoming a Black with every training session, our easy to use online portal will allow you to train around your schedule 24/7  regardless of age, fitness or skill level, we will support and guide you through every belt from white belt beginner to Black Belt and beyond.

This really is the answer to achieving your goal of becoming a Black Belt in Karate, all from the comfort of your own home. 

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